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 The Law of the Land ... for Moderators

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The Law of the Land ... for Moderators Empty
PostSubject: The Law of the Land ... for Moderators   The Law of the Land ... for Moderators Icon_minitimeSun Jun 03, 2007 3:23 pm

If we have asked you to be a moderator, please keep these guidelines in mind. Take your position seriously and have fun with it!

If you come across a dispute or someone getting out of line, please use your best judgment.

Remain neutral and DO NOT take sides.

Once you have given the poster/s a fair warning please touch bases with them by pm, inform the moderators and administrators. In the event that the poster has asked to keep it confidential, please respect that.

At times you may see a problem arising in another forum. Please feel free to take the upper hand. Once you have given the warning, let the mod of that forum know. Work together!

Stay active and keep forums active... if you see a forum slowing down, post a thread to keep it moving!

Administrators are here to provide assistance in the event that a situation gets out of the control of a mod. The administrators have access to every aspect of the site, with the exception of the private messages.

As moderators, you are NOT allowed to copy and paste any messages to any members! If you get caught, you will promptly be removed from your position, no questions asked!!! We will not tolerate this. Kindly take this as your first and final warning.

The admins: Mike and Elisa, Jon and Sako, along with Luz, are in charge of making final decisions on the board. At any given time, there may be a topic that needs more input. You will then finding us seeking for your help. Otherwise, if we have made a decision, we will do our best to inform you of any changes in a timely manner.

You may, at times, find yourself disagreeing with some of our mods and/or admins. Please respect each other and keep it off the boards. You want respect, you give it. We must work together, by setting the example to our posters.

We have strived to make FADSS a success, and to do our best to inform the mods of the game at hand. Don't ever feel that our intentions are to keep you out of the loop, but we have to figure out things amongst the admins and then lay the law. It is already difficult to come to a conclusion amongst ourselves, and if we went out of the box it would make it that much harder. Once again, please keep in mind that when all decisions are made, you will soon be informed.

If you have been chosen to be a mod, please make sure that you clearly understand the above.

If you wish to be a moderator, please pm one of the admins. We look for mods that come from all different walks of life. No one person is alike; we take great pride in looking for that trait as well. All new mods will be placed on a temporary status, until we have determined weather or not this suits you. Temporary status is about 30 days.

PS. As admins, we have the right not to inform you of any changes!!!! Razz

Again, have fun and see

you on the boards![/size]
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The Law of the Land ... for Moderators
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