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 Burn, Baby, BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Burn, Baby, BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Burn, Baby, BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Burn, Baby, BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Icon_minitimeSun Nov 25, 2007 7:14 am

From our team!!
We have worked so hard for months now to find something that would suit those interested in improving their bodies. The team is pleased to announce our latest and greatest-- The opening of our “workout room” !!!!!. We’ve worked together in making some simple guidelines for participants to follow. We would like you to pm an Admin and only an Admin if you would like to join us (doing so will be an agreement to these regulations).

Rules are as follows:

1) As a member to the sub forum, we ask that you post once a week, minimum. You will be subject to removal if you are not posting. If you will not be able to post for a while, please, let us know, so we can hold your spot in the group.
2) We are here to motivate and cheer on our fellow posters. Any put downs will not be tolerated. The mods and admins understand that some may not always get along, and that is okay. If you feel you can not be respectful, please ask to be removed.
3) Please, let us know your inches lost. However, you never have to say how much you weigh. We want to make you feel special. If we do not know your results, it will only result in you feeling as if you’re not accomplishing your goals.
4) Do NOT be dishonest about your inches and/or weight lost.
5) We are here to help each other to become successful and live healthier lifestyles. Even a hug will work with each post. All of us need to feel loved and appreciated when we melt off those love handles!!
6) Your efforts to lose weight must be cleared by your physician. We want everyone to be safe as we charge towards our new bodies!

Remember we’re all in the same boat, with the same sense of direction. Live healthy for you! At least one person will help push you through on your down days. If you agree to the terms above please PM an Admin.

If you have any questions or would like to see a little something please contact the mod/s to the forum. They will be open to anything. Let’s kick our booty’s and make them look good! We all have some one to please, whether it be yourself or your spouse.
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Burn, Baby, BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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